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Vacuum Reclaim System, Southwest Virginia

We Use A Sophisticated Vacuum Reclaim System To Keep Dirty Water Out Of The Storm Drains.

Spilling a drink or other liquid is frustrating not only because it makes a mess but also because there’s no way to recover the liquid once it’s spilled—in other words, there’s no way to put spilled milk back in the bottle. This same principle applies to the water used in pressure washing—it’s easy to spray water at surfaces, but much harder to collect it once it’s been used. Fortunately, more and more power washing companies, including ours at Blackwater Power Washing, LLC, are adopting techniques to reclaim as much water as possible. To do this, our team uses a vacuum reclaim system to suck up the water as it flows down the walls and away from the target surface.

Essentially, a vacuum reclaim system uses suction to gather water once it has been spilled (in this case, the spill is actually runoff from our pressure washing process). Our team uses these systems both to conserve as much water as possible and to comply with regulations about stormwater. The water we use in pressure washing gets very dirty, as all the grime, exhaust residue, pesticides, and other contaminants present on the target surface get dissolved into it. Letting water this dirty flow into the local storm drains would be bad for everyone, so we make sure to collect the water and filter all the harmful stuff out before putting it to another use.

Our team is proud to serve the community here in Southwest Virginia, and we want to help you with all your pressure washing needs.

To learn more about our vacuum reclaim system or about our services in general, just give us a call.